"What Trombone Playing is ALL About." - Jazz Legend, Curtis Fuller

“And...if you want some swingin', funky trombone playin' just order up some Roland Barber when you say "Waiter Make Mine Blues," a kind of great foot-tappin', happily melancholy tune that with lesser talent might go unnoticed. Here, it's appetizer, entre, and dessert all in one….Eckstine's "I Want to Talk about You" is another fine bluesy ballad, here again with Roland Barber's trombone winning the day with purity and grace. His solo here is simply flawless: sustained beyond belief amidst sophisticated tempo changes…" - Bob Gesh, Jazz Improv Magazine, Review of Lainie Cooke's "It's Always You"

"What struck me here [live show at Dizzy's Club, NYC] was the way good musicians know how to take time, and the pauses for reflection and repetition enhanced the entire set with freshness and serendipity." - Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower, Jazzitalia


"They will someday be viewed as Nashville's equivalent
of other great duos like the Marsalis brothers and the
team of Terence Blanchard and Donald Harrison." --The Nashville Scene, 2003

“The Barber Brothers have earned the respect of
contemporary titans. Both compose, and each admires
and plays intensely off the other’s work -- swinging
traditional jazz saturated in the blues with a
post-modern edge…a visit inside the hothouse of
creativity that is jazz at its highest levels."
--The Tennessean, 6/2001

“A saxophone-trombone duo devoted to undiluted,
challenging jazz, the Barber Brothers blend elegant
phrasing and superb interpretative skills with
intelligent solos and crackling harmonic interplay."
--The Nashville Scene, 11/2003

“The Barber Brothers are genuine treasures, articulate
and knowledgeable about the history of jazz, African
American music and culture, and plenty other subjects
as well."
--The Nashville Scene, 2/2002

“Rahsaan and Roland represent everything that is good
about the state of jazz today. Their music strikes a
balance between technique and song, intelligence and
soul, knowledge of the jazz tradition and spirit of
adventure. Get ready world. Here come the Barber
--Pat Harbison, jazz educator and performer

“They play with skills and understanding that belie
their youth. Their original compositions and
arrangements show amazing originality, depth and
--Dr. David Baker, Jazz Icon, Educator