- ROLAND BARBER debut album, featuring Rahsaan Barber, saxes, Ulysses Owens, drums, Jim Ferguson, bass, Gordon Webster, piano

Byron Chambers 2010 release, "My Time" (neo-gospel)

Howard Fishman's, 2010 release, trombone and background vocals, "Better Get Right" (New Orleans-brass band and vocals)

Stephanie Rooker's 2010 release, "The Only Way Out Is In" (NeoSoul/Jazz/Funk Vocals)

Leelah James 2009 release, "Let's Do It Again" (Soul)

Slavic Soul Party 2009 release, “Taketron" (Slavic Brass Band)

Ochun's 2008 release, "Los Boleros De Ochún: Ayer Y Hoy" (Cuban Bolero)

Lainie Cooke's 2008 release, "It's Always You" (jazz)

Stephanie Rooker's 2008 release, "Tellin' You Right Now" (soul/RnB/jazz)

Sugartone Brass Band's 2008 Release, trombone and background vocals, "Live in Brooklyn" (2nd Line, New Orleans Brass Band)

Gordon Webster's 2007 release, featuring Vocalist Brianna Thomas, "Blues Til Dawn" (Jazz)

Asaph Womack's 2007 release, "New Life" (RnB/Contemporary Christian)

Daniela Schächter's 2006 release, Colori del Mare (contemporary jazz)

Angel Roman's 2006 release, "Mambo Blue" (Latin Jazz)

Rahsaan Barber's 2005 release, "Triosoul" (downhome jazz)

Jeff Coffin's 2005 release, "Bloom" (contemporary jazz)

Gregory Kilpatrick's 2004 release, "Come On Over" (smooth/contemporary jazz)

Schfvilkus' 2001 release, "Genrealization" (world/jazz/funk)

Liz Jonshon's 2001 release, "One More for the Road" (jazz)

The Barber Brothers 2001 release, "Twinnovation"